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Moonlight (2016)

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20161 h 50 min

The tender, heartbreaking story of a young man’s struggle to find himself, told across three defining chapters in his life as he experiences the ecstasy, pain, and beauty of falling in love, while grappling with his own sexuality.

Title Moonlight
Original Title Moonlight
Languages English
Producer Adele Romanski
Director of Photography James Laxton
Original Music Composer Nicholas Britell
Writer Tarell McCraney, Barry Jenkins
Adult No
IMDb Id tt4975722
Certification R
Release Date 10 September 2016
Director Barry Jenkins
Runtime 1 h 50 min
Movie Subtitles English
Movie Media VoD
Movie Format HD
Movie Language English
Movie Status Scheduled
Movie Rating Excellent

Moonlight (2016) Storyline

Lead’s three stages: child, youth and men.

Born in a poor single parent family, he was known as “little”, he hate his mother who rely on drug, classmates called him “faggot”, he is scanty of words, but he met a drug lord Juan , who given him paternal love that he lack.

When he become a skinny high school student, the drug lord dead, he need to face the mother who’s addiction is still growing, and even pay for her to purchase drug. At the same time, he seems to have slowly understood his homosexual tendencies, he meet his ‘love’. He is still the object of the students bullying, but his love was forced to become a member to harm him. Angry, he couldn’t help to fight, but the violence cannot escape legal sanctions.

After more than a decade, when the boy come into our sight, he seems to follow Juan’s old road and has become a drug lord on Atlanta, he seems very tough, but when his mother bury the hatchet, he still left a gentle tears, when see “love”, he is still unable to organize his own language. The end of the story, he finally dare to face himself is what a person. He is no longer angry in the eyes of other people, just want to be a real self.

One day you will decide what kind of person you are.

Movie Details

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 21 October 2016 (USA)

Runtime: 111 min

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)
Rated R for some sexuality, drug use, brief violence, and language throughout

Film Poster

2016 Official Movie Trailer (HD)


This is the simplest story, but is the most profound story; this is the most personal experience, but also about the most common human life; this is the most independence film, also is the film that most impress the audience this year.

This is the moonlight boy, probably the best movie in 2016, and probably not even one of the best.

We seem to be able to feel what characters they want to say to the other in their eyes, as well as what they want to say to the audience. Their performance is so perfect, although the leader almost no dialogue, in the end he still can move us, make us feel the pain that he feels.

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