Jason Bourne (2016)

Jason Bourne

You know his name

20162 h 03 min

The most dangerous former operative of the CIA is drawn out of hiding to uncover hidden truths about his past.

Title Jason Bourne
Original Title Jason Bourne
Languages English
Director of Photography Barry Ackroyd
Adult No
Tagline You know his name
Budget $120,000,000
IMDb Id tt4196776
Certification PG-13
Release Date 27 July 2016
Production Universal Pictures
Director Paul Greengrass
Revenue $254,351,812
Runtime 2 h 03 min
Movie Subtitles English
Movie Media DVD
Movie Format HD
Movie Language English
Movie Status Scheduled
Movie Rating Good

Jason Bourne (2016) Storyline:

CIA system was hacked, a number of agents plan may leak. At the same time, the CIA also found traces of Bourne and good partner Niki Parsons. Young network expert Heather Lee courageously tracking Bourne, while Bourne is also looking forward to about his past shaking shady. The CIA officials Robert Dewey is the person who know all secrets, three men’s struggle make the film full of suspense, until the last moment, we can not understand the true ending.

In the latest Snowden era, Bourne came back, against the villain Asset. The story began in Greece, the birthplace of democracy, but now the country is facing a serious economic crisis, it could cause great threat to the European economic circle, the story will end in Las Vegas.

On the first three “Jason Bourne”, Jason Byrne is forced to survive, take actions in order to find the identity. To part 5, it’s the first time Jason Byrne take the initiative to find out the relationship between the father and his own.

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)
Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, and brief strong language


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Jason Bourne 5 – Official Trailer (HD) on Youtube


It’s 9 years, Matt Damon although with obvious traces of time, slightly tired face, no longer the young man, but only from his punch in trailer, we known he is still the fatal top killer.

Is there anyone like me, watched movie but still not understand what the story talking about?

I began to look at it from the first part.

Written really very good! Language organization ability is good, precise words! It’s the movie you must see!

The plot is compact intense, other films can rest.

Agents no high-tech, really admire

It’s about the middle age crisis of exhausted killer , but it’s time to talk about feelings “You look tired, Pam, get some rest.”

The audience could see much new elements: Syria refugees on the border of Greece and Albania, economic crisis triggered riots in Italy, User privacy dispute that the social media giant and the CIA does not take on the table

Especially for the Las Vegas casino chase in the end of film, there is no doubt that the audience will be nailed to the chair in the cinema, then open mouth and  marvel at how this is done.

Bourne is old, classic will not reproduce. Bourne, let it go, don’t make a sequel, you will always live in the hearts of our fans!

From Athens to Berlin, from Berlin to Las Vegas, it’s value for the cinema ticket.

The Bourne 5 is a beautiful spy film, it is comparable to 007 series and the mission impossible series

Are you ready to meet the new legend?

I’m starting to get excited.

Bourne returns


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