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Bitter Harvest (2017)

Poster for the movie "Bitter Harvest"

Bitter Harvest (2017) Film Information Director: George Mendeluk Writers: Richard Bachynsky Hoover (screenplay), George Mendeluk (screenplay) Stars: Max Irons, Samantha Barks, Terence Stamp Motion Picture Rating (MPAA): Rated R for violence and disturbing images Country: Canada Language: English Release Date: 3 March 2017 (Canada) Also Known As: Devil's Harvest Runtime: 103 min Movie Photos Movie Trailer

Railroad Tigers

Poster for the movie Railroad Tigers

Railroad Tigers (2016) Movie Details Director: Ding Sheng Stars: Jackie Chan, Jaycee Chan, Zitao Huang Country: China Release Date: 23 December 2016 (China) Also Known As: Железнодорожные тигры Runtime: 124 min Motion Picture Rating (MPAA): None Film Images Official Movie Trailer On Youtube

Allied (2016)

Poster for the movie "Allied"

Allied (2016) Storyline 1942, Casablanca. The Allied forces intelligence agent Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) got French Resistance Movement spy Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotillard) husband's identity, who is an undercover in the France Vichy government. He found Marianne's secret in London, and found the relationship between them has become true from false.

Hacksaw Ridge

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Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Storyline The story is adapted from the World War II military corporal Desmond T. Doss's real experience, tells the story of he saved lives of 75 people on the Battle of Okinawa and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Motion Picture Rating (MPAA) Rated R for intense prolonged realistically

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Storyline The movie was adapted from Ben Fountain's novel "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk", which is considered to be the Catch-22 version of the Iraq war. The protagonist is a 19 year old boy (Billy Lynn), he joined the U.S. Army Infantry and was sent to

Gone with the Wind (1939)

Poster for the movie "Gone with the Wind"

Gone with the Wind (1939) Storyline On the eve of The American Civil war, the South Tara Manor Farm, Jenkins Carrie (Vivien  Leigh) fell in love with another farmer's son Ashley (Leslie Howard), was rejected, in retaliation, she married a man don't love. During the war, Scarlett became a widow, lost