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Hidden Figures

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(2016) Hidden Figures Storyline According to the history of a true story, no general affirmative film's dull, absolute political correctness, correct views. Tells the story of a group of "hidden characters", a neglected group, the struggle of African American women scientists in the United States NASA. Racial discrimination is an insult to

Moonlight (2016)

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Moonlight (2016) Storyline Lead's three stages: child, youth and men. Born in a poor single parent family, he was known as "little", he hate his mother who rely on drug, classmates called him "faggot", he is scanty of words, but he met a drug lord Juan , who given him paternal love

Kicks (2016)

Poster for the movie "Kicks"

Kicks Synopsis Fifteen-year-old Brandon hope he could own a pair of the freshest sneakers Air Jordans, and assuming that it will help him escape the reality of being poor, but after got it, he lost, how to find it? They aren't just shoes. A film that reflects the dark side of the culture